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Mason 100WC wk28

On a boiling hot day in Afghanistan there lived a 28 year old called Michel that had a job of disarming bombs. He had a best friend called stuart and he also had the same dangerous job. Michel had a little daughter called Rose and she wrote to him every day until. She was at school and the headmaster called then her in and her mum was crying and the headmaster left the room then her mum said”your father has died” he thought he had enough time but he did not so he died so they went to his fathers funeral.


Mason 100WC wk27

The reason why I want to be a night zoo keeper is because if there is a criminal trying to steal one animals I could stop them and I could get a Medal from the queen. I also want to be a night zoo keeper because it would be very fun and I could learn allot of stuff about all the animals. And I really like monkeys. And I like snakes because I saw a python having birth. And I really like seeing babies because I have a pet hedgehog and I feed it every day and it had babies.


Mason 100WC WK26

One early morning a scientist woke up and went to the lab to try and find out were the Boeing 777 has ended up.The Boeing 777, which is missing, has two people with a stolen passport. He was in his bright red shiny car with only one wing mirror and he rang his mobile to call his friend that works with him but then suddenly he heard a bang and a clatter. It wasn’t his car so he looked up and saw a plane “look up. can you see it?” With only one engine working it was the 777 it crashed down in the road only 1 person survived.


Mason 100WC wk25

Lilly was playing with her little sisters in the garden just then her foster mother called “you’ve got some post”. Lilly said”whose it from “you will have to come and have a look”. She came inside it was the first ever letter or box she had. She was scared to open. It was from her mother she took it upstairs and put it under her old wooden bed but when she lifted the lid she found all the stuff when she lived with her real mother she found the picture she drawn of her and her mother.


Mason 100WC wk24

One early morning 3 pigs went into their clean shiny kitchen and in a jolly tone the oldest pig said “mum what are you doing with are bags” she was packing there bags because they had to go because they were to old. so of they went on the way they were looking for stuff to use to build there houses. The first pig built his house out of straw. The second pig built his house out of sticks. The third pig built his house out of bricks. And then a ugly grey wolf came and blew the houses down.


Mason Morrell’s Wood recount

Laura Farm2

On the 4th of March 2014 class 6 and 7 went to Morrell’s wood farm for our class trip to learn what we have to do for our silver farming. And we even made some books for farmer Derek and his friend to get our bronze award.

Before we went we were researching and working to are bronze award and after a long time of working we got to our bronze award and now we want to get to our silver farming award.

When we arrived we sorted are selves into four groups of ten and we went to our first activity. We went with Miss Roberts and we collected to measuring data. We counted how many steps it would take to get to one fence to another.

Next we went to the best place to do some bird watching but it was to loud that we couldn’t see any birds but we were lucky enough to see two buzzards.

Lastly there was some pancake mixture left so we made some pancakes. The pancakes, which were yummy, had different toppings.

My favourite bit was seeing Molly the dog because when we first saw her she was a puppy.

Mason 100WC wk23

One day I discoverd I looked inside and found bubbling hot red lava the volcano, which was about to explode, had red hot lava he ran home to his mother “mother there is a volcano that is about to explode” “what ever” shouted his mother in a slumpt up voice. Before you know it there was red hot lava pushing through the earth everyone was terrified only four survived they had never seen a volcano before so they didn’t now how to survive but my mother was still sitting on the sofa not a care in the world.