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Jenna’s Parliament recount

Jenna parliamentOn the 31st of March class 6 and 7 went to Westminster to see Houses of Parliament because we did some history about it.

Before we went we had to line up with our buddies. We went to London and saw Elizabeth tower, the bell was Big Ben and the clock was called Elizabeth tower . The Elizabeths tower,which is a clock, made a loud noise.

When we arrived we saw the Parliament Square with the clock tower and it was huge. It was taller then me. I thought Big Ben was the tower but the bell was. Big Ben  was called the Elizabeth tower. fact: is about Elizabeth’s tower the Elizabeth tower is the clock tower not the bell because that is the Big Ben.

After that we went to the Portcullis House and we sat on some chairs and we saw how does our voice make a difference. A man came in and his name was called David Wright and he was a mp. David Wright told us about what he does at London he used to go to school like when he was our age. We asked him questions about him .

Furthermore I wanted to go in the oldest and coldest part of the Palace of Westminster, called Westminster Hall. The House of Commons got blown up and the people had to build it again.

My best thing was going to see the Elizabeth’s tower because it was gold and shiny.


Jenna 100WC wk27

I would like to be a night zoo keeper because I would like to feed the animals and help the world. I would help the animals because they need help they need protecting because of the monster who they are trying to kill them. These are the animals which would be killed and I know how to protect them, by having food and I would be brave for them and protect them so much that the monsters wouldn’t get them and they do not need to animals to eat them because if they eat them then i will eat them!

Jenna 100WC wk23

Once upon a time there lived a miner who was called Jimmy and he had a brother called John. Jimmy dug a hole in the ground and dug and dug until he went to the bottom of the ground because he wanted to go and find the gold. He went down to find it there and was still nothing was there so he dug, dug and dug and he whispered “finally I found the gold pushing through the earth.” Jimmy went up with the gold and then John saw the gold and John asked “what are you doing with that gold?”

The end

Jenna 100WC Wk21

One day there lived a brother and a sister called Rosie and John. They went outside and saw a butterfly. It had a spot on it. When john went to it he bit him. John said “ow!”he screamed and Rosie put a plaster on.  john answered “thank you”.

Rosie and John went in the woods full of leaves and mushrooms. the mushrooms were poisonous and john touched it. Rosie took john to the doctors quick because he would die and soon. Meetings were held across the country to find the answer. They found an answer. she took him to the doctor and the doctor said he’s alive but he needs tablets.

Victorian Money


Molly brought these coins in from her visit to the Victorian town at Blists Hill, where Year 3 and 4 will be visiting. The biggest coin is called a penny and the smallest one is a farthing. The middle one is a half penny.


Can you see where the Penny Farthing got it’s name from?

Growing our own potatoes

Today we have been learning how to grow are own potatoes we have learnt the names of 2 types of potatoes. The two types of potatoes are rocket and jester.We also learnt that chitting meant you leave them on the windowsill for two weeks so the shoots can grow. How many potatoes do you think we will grow?

Jenna’s 100wc week 10

Slipping down in the dirty water , he sunk into the mud, which was like quicksand. He got deeper and deeper until he couldn’t breathe. His boots are white, green and they have got mud on them. The bush, which was green and filthy, was reflected in the water. The man’s trousers were wet and muddy. The bricks were muddy and wet. The leaves was soggy and damp and the mud was mucky and wet. His trousers were light blue and dark blue which was green white color on his boots in the water was deeper and it was so so muddy and damp.