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Fantastic photography

isaiah iphotoThis is the first of our close up photography from last week, created by Isaiah. Can you work out what he took the picture of and which filters he applied?

What does it remind you of?



Isaiah 100WC wk23

One stormy yet windy night in a huge Town there lived a man with a crystal heart,if he dies on concrete his spirit would melt the floor or haunt the whole Town forever…!
So as 40 years passed and the whole Town was apprehensive because they knew that if that particular person died they could too. So suddenly he died and the Town gave a trimmed step forward so it happened the spirit was pulling trough the centre of the earth …
”ahhhh,” the group exclaimed, “we’re going to die.”
”oh no I’m going to faint ” then she did ” so the spirit got her first pushing through the earth.


Little red riding hood


One delightful, serene evening little red riding hood’s mother started to pack a large lunch full of healthy fruit,veg,salads for a particular person ”um,mother who is that lunch for?’’

”Your Grandmother she’s not feeling very well.”

Out of nowhere Little Red babbled ”mother shall I take it to her?’’

”Well aren’t you a charming little angel. oh, but remember what I told you…’’

”I will,’’ she shouted before disappearing into the darkness.

But not looking where she tripped over and bumped into a beady eyed wolf ”why hello.’’ the girl whispered apprehensively staring into the wolf’s beady eyes.  The wolf looked famished,eager to eat someone or something.

So little red head off to her Grandmother’s cottage in the dark,gloomy forest’s

so the wolf thought that he could race to the the cottage then eat the girl and her grandmother too.

One hour later the wolf reached the house while little red was still approaching it. Suddenly the wolf quickly dressed up in Granny’s clothes and so Little Red Riding Hood arrived and walked cautiously up to the side of her wooden, heart shaped bed and exaggerated “Gran, what big eyes you have!”

“All the better the see you with my dear.” the wolf cackled.

“Gran what large teeth you have!” murmured little red riding hood.

“Just better to, EAT YOU WITH….!” replied the wolf in disguise.

“Ahhhh!” screamed Little Red Riding Hood at the top of her lungs so that moment the wolf ate them.

But luckily for them the woodcutter heard, so rapidly the woodcutter ran towards brown,12 windowed cottage and thought “Finally I fought the stupid,  mean dangerous wolf!” He burst through the door and shouted thunderously ‘’Time to go down wolf’’ he grabbed a pair of scissors and cut him down the middle and filled him with rocks never to be seen AGAIN!

Isaiah 100WC Wk 21

In a galaxy far away in space…there was a man called arrow.
Arrow was a cyborg his boss told him that he needed to steal a crystal that was held in a croigical freezer which means extremely cold in space universal language.
So 2088 February 18 he went to steal the crystal but was frozen paralized because it was so cold he died. But suddenly, the guards saw him and executed him. They kept his head in case of an interruption, so meetings were held all over the galaxy. Suddenly the governor came along and arrested them had them sent to prison in California.

Isaiah 100wc week 19

One Icy, freezing night at the zoo there was a gorilla riding a grand, pink bicycle. Every one in the crowd laughed, “ha ha ha”. In the morning every single citizen of Chester came to watch the huge, muscular animal perform at the zoo again, every day and night. The zoo, which was very popular, had an amazing performing gorilla. But suddenly the gorilla became a tiny bit apprehensive and fell off the pretty, pink bike and then screamed at the top of his voice, ” AHH ” . So the people ran over to the gorilla then stuck a needle into him then took him to the vets.

Growing our own potatoes

Today we have been learning how to grow are own potatoes we have learnt the names of 2 types of potatoes. The two types of potatoes are rocket and jester.We also learnt that chitting meant you leave them on the windowsill for two weeks so the shoots can grow. How many potatoes do you think we will grow?

Isaiah’s 100WC week 10

Sinking into the cold muddy dirty water,the man struggled to breathe the air.The short but spiky bushes stud out in the background like the prongs on a fork. The deep muddy water is getting deeper because of the heavy,poring rain he sank deeper into the huge pond.

The mans boots are greyey,green. The reflection of the mans trousers is cast of shiny water. In the water there is fat sticks or logs in the water as well you can see a brown,dark,small scaly leaves and huge bricks.

Sinking deeper into the mud the man fainted without a breath.