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Charlie 100WC wk 27

I would like to be a night keeper because it would be fun and I could touch the animals. The animals are called the flying tarantula, the dancing dog and I can protect them and feed them all day every year they grow older and they go to another home with other animals. The young animals get lots of food and water I am the best because I will protect them from the big hairy monsters. The monsters, which are evil, are colossal and I would protect them from the evil land of Nilth. You should give me the job.


Charlie’s Morrell’s Wood recount

derek farm1

On Tuesday we went to Morrell’s Wood farm to learn our silver farm award. We wanted to learn about sheep, cow, footprints my group found a dog footprint class 6 and class 7 enjoined going to t
he farm.

Before we went we got are coats so we didn’t freeze like a snow man we also got on the colourful, bright, cold big coach.

When we arrived we saw the muddy, smelly, cows and gave them gold yellow spiky thorny wheat and we saw a limousine, Hereford, Aberdeen.

After that we went in the deep dark damp mud we had to stamp on the damp leaves so we didn’t get really really muddy also we saw some sheep.

Furthermore we touched the baby calf which was only 7 hours old!

What I liked best was making the pancakes because I chose lemon and sugar.

Charlie 100WC wk23

One stormy day a miner called Jim was a happy chap he was digging on his own first he found some coal there was dusty on it because it was in the . Next he found some gold which was the most sparkliest most shiny thing. But suddenly when Jim pulled it lava came out so Jim ran out and shouted” lava” and got on the elevate rand went up but the lava was pushing through the earth! Faster than a car going 100 mile an hour suddenly the lava came through the walls so he got some powerful steel and put it on the hole.

Charlie 100WC wk21

One stormy day a boy called Richard was scared because of the loud, noisy night and the noise of the guns in world war 2. But suddenly Richard’s house caught fire so he and his mom got evacuated but suddenly Richared got scared so he jumped out on the country side and lived there for 16 years.  When he was 25 he got a car and whispered to his partner, Sam, “meeting were held across the country to find an answer “… So they got in the war and killed all the bad men and had an bonfire and had a good day because they won and lived happily ever after.

Charlie 100WC Week19

Once upon a time there lived a grand girl called cherry and had. A very posh house with pictures on the side of the house and a pink, soft, comfy carpet. One day she went out on her pink bicycle. But suddenly she got lost in a green, dark,scary forest,so she hid in the shadows when a gorilla went past. Then a monkey pulled some funny faces and Cherry laughed and joined in. The monkey, who was called Ben, danced with Cherry all day long. The next day cherry found her way home and got in bed and was extremely tired so went fast a sleep.

Lucas 100WC Week 19

On a dark, stormy christmas Chloe was asleep in bed. She was a grand girl and cycled on a pink gorilla bicycle and laughed on it all the time. When she went to school. one day when she was cycling she saw a crooked bicycle. The bicycle, which was crooked, was on the road. She dropped her bicycle on the pavement. She ran across the road and got the bike but before she made it a car was driving fast… she rushed on the pavement and she was so shocked she was so scared she got the and she saw a crooked shed…


Passing squares

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This week we have been learning to pass the football to each other. We have been learning how to pass the ball with your side of your foot. Make sure you look where your aiming and take care not to … Continue reading