100 Word Challenge

…but “I’m afraid it’s the last one”, he said…

This is the last 100 WC prompt for the year! You need to include the prompt EXACTLY as it is written above, giving you 109 words altogether.

  • See if you can use some speech. Remember to use inverted commas, new speaker new line and words instead of ‘said’.
  • A simple, compound and complex sentence
  • A simile and onomatopoeia

Post your challenge as a comment below.


12 responses to “100 Word Challenge

  1. I like the 100 word challenge because its fun

  2. On a bright sunny day there was a family. They were poor. They were as poor as a homeless person. ” john use this money to by the kids a toy” said Agatha
    “ok ” said john
    he set of to a store called toy time. He asked for two cars.
    The man, who was very worried, did not know if he had enough money. But” im afraid its the last one” Said the shop owner. John was disappointed. He understood that someone else had ordered one first. 88 He went back to his home feeling very much depressed and sad.

  3. One day there was a man called Jeremy and he had a dog called Ben. His house was made of Quartz bricks and it even had an outdoor swimming pool. “Can I have a biscuit 2 please ” asked Ben but”I’m afraid it’s the last one”,he said Ben crude well that’s a shame isn’t it . Ben ,who was crying his head off , was right now the most unhappiest dog in the world. Jeremy went to the top dog’s dog shop and bought Ben 10 biscuits just incase he wanted more “what a greedy dog” exclaimed Jeremy with a huge smile on his happy face. The wonderful end.


  4. good word Andrew

  5. good one andrew ;)that means smile face

  6. well done andrew

  7. i like your 100 word challenge Andrew

  8. andrew I like your 100 word challenge.

  9. well done

  10. well done Andrew it was very interesting and it was really good.

  11. WOW! the 100 words are good andrew and well done.

  12. I like play cricket because I get to runs