Triangular poems

Class 6 have been writing some triangular poems using relative clauses. We wrote them about farm animals. Which ones do you like and why?

The Chicken

The chicken

who was pecking the seeds

that flew out of the way of the dog

was rumaging through the thick weeds

which was running through some dastardly fog.

by Andrew Y4

The Pig

The pig

who dragged his belly

which was heavy and really big

where he lived was extremely smelly

by Chelsea Y3

The Cow

The cow

who walked after the man

was chased by Wombridge the bull

Which had escaped from the farm with a lamb that was wooly

by Halle Y4

The Hog

The Hog

who was very lazy

which looked like a dog

was greedily scoffing down a daisy

by Cody Y4

The Dog

The Dog

Who chased his tail

Was trying to escape from a gale

which was part of a storm full of freezing hail

by Jack


8 responses to “Triangular poems

  1. These are all really good poem love how you have mixed your words around to make them rhyme keep the awesome work up well done class 6!

  2. Great poems guys

  3. Jack I like your cow poem the bit I like is had esceped from the farm whith a land was wooly

  4. good poem Jack.

  5. these are awesome poems!

  6. i just love all these poems keep writing.

  7. extraordinary poems guys keep it up

  8. great poems.