Delicious home grown potatoes!

We cleaned and weighed our potatoes, before cooking them. Can you read the scale, to work out how much we grew?

We served them with our home made butter from yesterday. What do you think they tasted like?


23 responses to “Delicious home grown potatoes!

  1. I really liked the potatoes with the butter.

  2. They were yummy potatoes

  3. I like the potatoes they are really yummy

  4. Wot did the bit stows tast like.

  5. Picking the potatoes was really fun

  6. I liked cooking the potatos it was fun and exciting.

  7. Nice potatoes

  8. I like picking the potato

  9. I love eating potatoes

  10. I love the scrumshash lovely btataos they were butful.

  11. I wish I can have more potatos.

  12. They were yummy.

  13. The potatoes were delicious I wish we could eat them again.

  14. So do I Isaiah they were delicious aswell

  15. I enjoyed eating the potatoes because of the scrumcious butter. However the potato was still very nice. Nevertheless we used rosemary butter and normal butter to put on the potatoes. Altogether I had 2 potatoes. These were nice but I thought the rosemary butter and potato was better than the normal butter and potato.

  16. the potatoes were delicious i wish we could eat them again.

  17. when i was picking the potatoes it was fun and the potatoes were yummy .

  18. which butter did you have on your potatoes? did you like them?

  19. they were yummy

  20. the best bit was the lucky dip

  21. were those potatoes yummy Halle?

  22. they were fandabidosy.

  23. i loved the potatoes especially with our butter!