How to make butter

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For our bronze farming award you have to explain how to turn milk into butter, cheese or yoghurt. We had a go at making our own. What did we have to do in order to make butter?


27 responses to “How to make butter

  1. It was lovely can you explain how to make it !

    Mason thanks for lending it to our group!

    • Firstly you poor some double cream in a container.
      You shake it for 15 minutes or other.
      When it turns fully yellow.
      You add some salt to keep it fresh.
      If you want to be adventurous.
      You can add rosemary or cress.

  2. Today we put thick cream and put it in a jar and then we put a bit of salt in it and we shaked it for 15 minutes.

  3. It was very tasty on the bread.

  4. I love the way in taste but are butter did no work but we got some from another group.

  5. It was fun making the butter who thinks they like the butter and bread the most?

  6. I liked making the butter but is was hard I did not make it but I tried someone else’s butter it was gorgeous.

  7. It was very fun to but hard work and it leaves an after taste.

  8. That was tasty butter I rily won’t” some mor .

  9. I rily like it it was yummy.

  10. We’ll done every one did you like the butter I hope you had a great

  11. Today we made some butter and we had cream to make it and it was fun we had to shake it.

  12. I loved the butter PLEASE can I take it home.

  13. I liked the butter because of the taste. We looked at how thick the butter was getting. In the end my group did not get to finish there butter. There was 2 other groups as we’ll. The people who didn’t have butter has to youse somebody else’s group. There was rosemary ,plain. We had them on begets. We shakes it in a jar for 15 minutes.

  14. It was lovey thanks Mason for leading some to us

  15. The buter it was very nice

  16. Thank you for letting me try some Class 6. I’m looking forward to tasting the next thing you make!

    • It might be coming today I’m not too sure perhaps oh by the way it will be potatoes with the butter we made yesterday I think

  17. In the end they all worked!

  18. Thank you class 2 we will enjoy letting you try the next thing we make.

  19. I liked the butter I want to bring it home!

  20. Thanks class two really hope you enjoyed our butter thanks!

  21. i loved making the butter it was lovely i still remember how to make it do you?

  22. i loved making butter !!

  23. the butter was delicious.

  24. i really liked making butter and it was finished it was yummy