Look what has happened to our cress seeds

This week we have been planting cress seeds, what differences can you see after 2 days?


18 responses to “Look what has happened to our cress seeds

  1. I hope everyone liked it.

  2. In a week my cress will be grown.

  3. Wow every one it was good ideas what you did .

  4. It was very fun to plant the mustersd cress has not grow jet.

  5. Sheridan many marigolds do you think will com?

  6. I like the plants mr brown

  7. Planting is fun the cress is really growing

  8. I liked planting.

  9. My groups cress seeds are growing very well

  10. Well done everyone do you now how many days it will take to grow

  11. I think the plans will be nice when they are ready

  12. we that been growing so cress seed it was fun

  13. Did you know we can eat crest whith butter and bread

  14. The cress is grow now hasn’t it class6

  15. Yes Jodine I did know you could put them together.

  16. How many cress do you think will grow?

  17. Nice job