This afternoon class 6 have been cooking carrot and coriander soup. Can you remember the ingredients and how to make it?


46 responses to “Cooking

  1. I think everyone liked that

  2. It was delicious the soup

  3. I liked cooking that, it smelt nice .

  4. Me and Louie must be the biggest fans of carrot and coriander soop.

  5. Cooking was my favourite part of the week so far because I really enjoyed tasting the carrot and coriander soup.

  6. The soup looked horrible but it tasted nice

  7. The ingredients were dried coriander, wet coriander,onion, carrot, parsley.

  8. Carrots

  9. The ingredients are carrot and Coryander

  10. The ingredients that are carrot and onion and coriander.

  11. You will need carrots,coriander,onion,and oxo!

  12. The engredeents carrots coryanda and onions.

  13. I like Cooking it was really fun

  14. Carrots ,coriander ,milk,onion .

  15. Today we have been making soup called carrot and coriander.

  16. The ingredients are leaf coriander, carrots, onions

  17. It was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!

  18. I loved cooking the soup, first you grate the carrots the then pick of the fresh coriander before you put in the carrots you chop up the onions.

  19. It didn’t taste very nice

  20. It was fun making it but I would nether taste it

  21. I liked cooking the soup we put carrot onion milk OX

  22. The ingredients were: onion, carrots, oxo, coriander.

  23. Carrots,coriander and onion .

  24. It was WONDERFULL making it

  25. The coriander looked nice bit did not taste nice.

  26. It was very fun to do well done good cooking. It was not too nice in my opinion

  27. I liked cooking that mr brown it smelt nice it has carrots and coreander in it. It is called carrot and coreander soop

  28. The ingredients are
    We made it in a big pot and we sutured it.

  29. Carrots and onions

  30. I loved the way it tastes and I love the way it smells.

  31. I like the cooking but I did’t like the soup . Carrot coriander milk OX .

  32. The soup had carrot,coriander,Iuniuiuyen

  33. First you put the onions in then you put the carrot then put it in the boll.

  34. I really like the smell of the sou[. My favorite thing was the carrots.

  35. I think it would be better if it is less thick.

  36. I like cooking but I didn’t really like it.

  37. that looks nice

  38. by the way im demis brother

  39. It’s really nice you should try it

  40. I thought the carrots was a bit other powering and the parsley that was in there wasn’t very nice with onion either. However in the end it tasted quite nice and the onions were scrumshus.

  41. I made it at home.

  42. well done rilly:|