A sea of yellow…

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Here are some of our brightly coloured paintings showing a field of crops. For our Bronze award, you need to name 3 uses for this crop. For Silver, you need to know 3 food uses and 3 non-food uses! Do you recognise where we were painting?


21 responses to “A sea of yellow…

  1. Well done class 6 great pictures

  2. Well done.

  3. These are all excellent pictures guys can you remember what the dots were called?

  4. Like your picture Halle. Well done.

  5. Wow you have a very good drawing class 6

  6. It was called pointillism Riley!

  7. I love all of them there great keep up your great art work.

  8. It was very fun to do it.

  9. The dots where called pointillism

  10. Well done you guys they are so nice

  11. That is a good photo .

  12. I liked every ones art work.

  13. Well done class6 good pitchers.

  14. Great picture guys they amazing

  15. I like Reece is

  16. This look nice I real like

  17. I now 2 non food vegetables oil , by-ow fuel .

  18. We’ll done Reece you worked well on photo .

  19. Marveles

  20. A synonym for happy is joyfull and happiness.

  21. Nice pictures