Riley 100WC Wk36

One day a man called Ben in New York City had a meteor storm going on but after all the coincidence it actually stopped after 30 minutes. “phew! my house was almost blew up by a meteor.” Five seconds later…BOOM! A giant meteor had crashed into his house but this was no ordinary meteor…

The next day after he had slept in the hotel he went up to look at the meteor ”wow a giant cream egg it can’t be.” At the park,he played and ran and later he tucked into the egg how yummy it’s nice.


5 responses to “Riley 100WC Wk36

  1. What a meteor storm that would be. I’m not sure how I’d feel if a giant cream egg destroyed my house though. When I write a story, I usually read it out loud to myself before publishing. Try this yourself and see if you can find anything you would now change.
    Well done for taking part in the challenge this week.

  2. Wow Riley good setting at New York City we’ll done

  3. Epic work.

  4. Ok enterprise gran I’ll try to think of it in my head!

  5. That’s so epic Riley