Andrew 100WC wk36

“Whats that?” asked the builder. No response. Sadly all homes had been wrecked! The shakiness of the egg that had caused all the damage that had seemed to appear. He did not know what do so he decided to abandon his home and move to Hollywood nevertheless while he was gone a family came. They saw the cream egg and they said “we will have that for dinner tonight.” When it came to dinner time there was no egg! Quickly they noticed their kids were fat. After all it was there kids who eaten all of it in the tent.


8 responses to “Andrew 100WC wk36

  1. Mrs W at team 100WC

    Hello Andrew, your 100 word challenge starts really well with a question from the builder and we also realise the egg must be enormous. I think you needed to make it clear that it was the builder’s own home as that is a bit confusing. I liked that you used ‘nether the less’ to move the story on.

  2. How did it start

  3. We’ll done Andrew.

  4. This is an awesome piece of writing keep the good work up!

  5. You’ve mist a bit of words in you’re writing. Ok.

  6. Andrew your 100 word challenge is good and good .