Charlie 100WC wk 36

Once upon a time there lived a boy called Bill he had brown hair and brown eyes. One day something peculiar happened in the night suddenly he heard the ground go BUMP!. He went back to sleep because he thought it was just a dream.

The next day Bill went outside because he heard drilling noises he thought “what is that?” It was a huge cream egg that had cracked open! “That must have been the bump in the night” said Bill.

The egg was oozing lots of tasty chocolate so Bill grabbed his spoon and dived in “YUM!” He shouted.


5 responses to “Charlie 100WC wk 36

  1. Well done Charlie.

  2. Wow I like the bit where he tucks in to the egg don’t you it’s funny!

  3. Stephanie Mullane

    Well done Charlie. I really like this piece. You need to be carefully with your punctuation though. There were a number of full stops missing in this piece. Try to watch out for that in your next piece.

  4. Amazing Charlie.

  5. I love this piece of writing keep the good work üp well done charlië