Why don’t rivers run out of water?

We have been learning more about our topic of rivers, can anyone explain the water cycle, using our new vocabulary.

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24 responses to “Why don’t rivers run out of water?

  1. Firstly the sun heats up the sea which causes the microscopic avporation. Secondly condensation fills up the clouds with water. After that the clouds get to heavy with water which causes it to rain. Then the water flows down the hills which forms a lake. When the lake is full it overflows down into the sea and then that repeats again.
    This is called the water cycle. Here are some interesting words from the cycle water vapour, evaporation, condensation, melting, freezing, strong Gail force wind,and after all rain falling is one. If you look at the picture there is a plastic model to show what happens to the water and how the evaporation works. To make this model work you need water on the hills and in the sea ice cubes to put on the plastic clouds and a lamp for the evaporation to happen.

  2. I like learning about river it’s fun and sometimes exiting

  3. What I have learnt today is that a river goes into the sea and it a evaporation then it goes into the cloud then it rains on the river and then it goes back into sea

  4. The water heats up and floats to the clouds then the cloud moves to the top of the hill and then it falls Down.

  5. They don’t run out of water is because the water starts to evaporate and then the convection sucks it up into the cloud and the wind blows the cloud and It rains.

  6. Good work Lukas was it fun doing the water.

  7. It doesn’t run out because it evaporates up and turners into a cloud

  8. Water vaper, vaperation, wind, cloud, rain cloud, falling rain, river, water.

  9. I have Learnt That the water exaporation then convection condonsation which meens a water vapour.

  10. We had to use words like evaporation,convection,water vapour,condensation,wind,falling rain and water some of them were very hard.

  11. I love learning about rivers because I have learnt how water works

  12. I liked doing that it got me a lot of ideals and I think it was fun hope we can do it agin tomorrow

  13. We’ll done Andrew you can tell you made progress because of how much you written

  14. What happens is the water evaporates then condensation happens from the sea.

  15. The sun heats up the water that make evaporation then convection carries the vapour up and it goes in the cloud, then the wind push the cloud and make falling rain.

  16. The evaporation of the water heats up and it rises up to the cloud and the cloud rains on the hill and the water pours down into the sea.

  17. Well done Lucas you did well

  18. It doesn’t run out of water because it goes up into the sky. The water evaporates and that takes the water from the sea and then it comes back down into the sea.

  19. First the sun comes and heats up the sea.Then it evaporation up to the clouds.Next the wind comes and blows a cloud with rain in. Then the water runs down the hill

  20. Lukas can you work how much water you put in the water cycle ?

  21. That looks very interesting keep up the good work class 6

  22. Wow they really look like real funder pits .

  23. The pictures look amazing guys well done

  24. In you keep on doing that you will make a river .