What changes have you noticed to our plants?



Here are our courgettes and potato plants, what changes can you observe on the plants? What changes do you think have happened under the soil?


18 responses to “What changes have you noticed to our plants?

  1. Mine has got 1 small 3rd leaf coming through.

  2. Well done Jenna you have looked after yours very well

  3. Thay Have grown a lot but sill how did you do it?

  4. We’ll done Jenner keep it up .

  5. They have grown so much over the holidays

  6. Firstly the roots have grown under the soil.
    They’ve grown a lot and more leaves are forming.

  7. I think that Riley and Jenna’s plants are nearly ready to move into the ground.

  8. Mine has got a leaf coming through.

  9. Sheridan how many roots have you got?

  10. Mine has grown big so has Riley’s and they need much water and sun

  11. Jenna you plant has grown so muck haw menu leaf has it got

  12. I agree Isaiah they are very large and once again I think they should be moved.

  13. Wow those plants have grown a lot.

  14. Well done Andrew for bringing in his plant and showing leadership and taking good care

  15. Do you now haw tall it is