This morning we wrote blurbs for our animal stories. We went to the library to read some blurbs from our favourite books. What features might you find in a blurb?


15 responses to “Blurbs

  1. i liked reading and writing blurbs it was fun.

  2. I rily like the iron man I have got iron man

  3. I liked reading blurbs it was interesting.

  4. I liked reading the blurbs because it really hucked me into skulduggery pleasent dark days.

  5. Callum what book are you holding?
    And what is it about?

  6. I like blurbs because it talks you want the store is a about so you can pictur it in your head

  7. Callum you look happy what book did you have?

  8. I red the Harry potter blurb.

  9. So did I mason.

  10. Them blurbs look really good to read

  11. To Jacob
    Demon Dentist and billionaire boy and beast quest

  12. I wish I had them books to look at

  13. Every one I hope you got the book what you wanted

  14. did you like reading the blurbs? i loved it it was interesting.