Transplanting our courgettes

As part of our plant topic we have been learning about plants and roots. As the roots of the courgette plants have grown so much, they need to be transplanted to a bigger pot. What jobs do the roots do for all plants?


8 responses to “Transplanting our courgettes

  1. It was fun!

  2. Transplant means put one plant into a different pot.

  3. Jenna’s and Riley’s are massive

  4. Wow it looks very fun

    But how did you do it?

  5. Jenna and Riley how big have your courgettes grown?

  6. Wow Riley and Jenna it is very interesting to see how much it has grown. It is quit worrying that not much more are growing. How much do you think it has grown from in the smaller pot?

    • I agree Andrew the seeds might be a bit to deep and it might be taking a bit longer to sprout or it might need a bit more water.

  7. Some of are courgette need to be transplant to a bigger pot.