Dwarf caiman

Inspired by Lucas and his stickleback, Riley has researched another animal that lives in a river. The dwarf caiman! What part of the world would you find a caiman?


20 responses to “Dwarf caiman

  1. I like your dwarf caiman Riley it’s great espeshily the reasearch of it

  2. Your dwarf caiman picture is really good Riley

  3. I like your dwarf caiman because i think it is nice and I like the colour of it like the brown colour

  4. Thanks guys I am pretty impressed myself really.

  5. Do you like it ?

  6. I haven’t included it but babies make cute 19 noises and they call for help!

  7. Epic picture Riley

  8. Wow Riley, I like the Dwarf Keiman good graphics and the information goes well in the picture.

  9. In Brazil.

  10. The noises I don’t really know but I can list you 5
    How’zat for some names especially the 2’nd

  11. well done you have done well on the picture it is really good

  12. Did you copy the picture of the internet?

  13. Really good picture.

  14. Well done Riley your picher is epic.

  15. I really really like your dewarf caiman

  16. We’ll done Riley one of the best pictures I saw. In a long time

  17. Well done Riley it is very detailed

  18. Wow that is a great picture I think maybe next time you could make the hand writing much neater.

  19. Well done Riley,your picture is very detailed and so is your picture!