Our poem of the week this week is Stickleback by Ted Hughes. We weren’t sure what a stickleback was, so Lucas has done some research at home and drawn a superb picture of one. Do you know any other poems or books written by Ted Hughes?


12 responses to “Stickleback

  1. I really like your picture of the stickleback

  2. Lucas how long is a stickleback

  3. Lucas i like it how you coloured it in

  4. Lucas that is a good picture and the iron man was written by ted Hughes do
    you know any other poems or books well done.

  5. I like your picture and your writing well done.

  6. good work.

  7. well done i like your stickleback i like that youve went on the computer

  8. I like the colour of the stickleback Lucas

  9. Good picture Lucas, the labeling is good you could improve it by putting water under the fish nevertheless it’s a very good picture. The reason I gave you that idea is because it would make it look like it was swimming through the big blue deep rapid rampaging river.

  10. Gold use of Brackets Lucas.

  11. Nice picture!

  12. That is sow good work