Climbing Frame


The new climbing frame is finished! Before we can use it, we need to think carefully about some rules to make sure everyone keeps safe and happy. What problems might there be and what rules could we make?


30 responses to “Climbing Frame

  1. I can’t wait for the climbing frame

  2. Don’t hang upside down on the ropes.

  3. What about no pushing people of.

  4. On rule could be one person on every area.

  5. No kicking the gate around it.

  6. I should think about the rules how we need to climb and be sensible on it.

  7. Will we be able to play on it soon ?
    My rules :
    No pushing people off
    no throwing bark chips
    And finally no jumping over the fence.

  8. I think we shouldn’t push people off it

  9. Furthermore when your climbing don’t think about jumping of.

  10. I think you should make a rule that is 1 at a time on the climben frame

  11. 2 or 3 at a and time and no pushing and wait for your turn

  12. We could make a rule for no pushing people of the climbing frame.

  13. Can we write a persuasive letter to mr satoor for him to let us play on it?

  14. I think one of the rules should be at least 2 at a time on the same section and do not push.

  15. Two at a time on the climbing.

  16. We should be carefull not to knock people off.

  17. I think you should make a rule that is 3 at a time

  18. I know what rules there should be

    1) you should not mess about on the climbing frame

    2) you should not throw bark

  19. We can clim on and we can hang on the rope

  20. A good thing is play nicely, be careful and hold on.

  21. I think that some rules should be at least 10 people on the climbing frame at a time and share plus take turns and follow normal Wombridge primary rules.

  22. The rules should be class1 and class2 should go on Mondays and class3 and class4 should go on Tuesdays and class 6 and 7 should go on Wednesdays and class 8and9 should go on Thursdays and no one should go on Friday .

  23. Don’t push people off!

  24. I think there should be no hanging of and no jumping of

  25. We should have no chucking bark at people.

  26. I think there should be no going fast and no kicking the fence.

  27. No pushing people off the top. No swinging on it. No throwing bark.

  28. No pushing and shoving

  29. Always take turns and be carefully.