Planting pea seedlings

We have also started to plant our pea seedlings. They need to grow up a trellis. What do you need to do to plant the seedling? What are the special parts of the pea plant that attach themselves to the trellis?


10 responses to “Planting pea seedlings

  1. Looks like that would be fun planting the peas.

  2. Mine is very big.

  3. I enjoyed looking at the roots because it was very interesting.

  4. Well done Halle good planting!

  5. Good planting Halle.

  6. It was fun to plant them do you think so class6?

  7. The people how went out side did you think it was scary ?

  8. Planting peas looks fun.

  9. Well done you lot I hope you had fun

  10. My roots were really big and everyone else’s was big as well