Tomato seedlings




Today we have been recording observations of tomato seedlings in an e book. We are going to carry out an investigation, by seeing what conditions are best for growing tomatoes, we had to decide where to place it and how much water to give it. What do you think will be the best growing conditions.


17 responses to “Tomato seedlings

  1. My tomato has grown allot.

  2. We’ll done class 6 how many cm is your plant?

  3. Good work guys how good is you e-book?

  4. We have bin leaning about plants. Do you know all the parts?

  5. Andrew my plant is 8cm.

  6. Doing the ebooks was fun dot you think class6.

  7. We have watered our plants and our plant has grown 1 cm more and we gave it 20 ml of water.

  8. I think putting on the window still is the best thing because it can’t get to wet.

  9. How long did it take you class 6 ?

  10. I like how we have to water them ourself it was very fun

    What was your favourite bit?

  11. Everybody has done well with their seedlings. And how tall have your seedlings grown?

  12. We have been doing ebooks on plants the plants are tomato.

  13. We’ll done class six what’s all the parts of your plants?

  14. My plant has grown allot

  15. Our science topic is plants do you know any

  16. It is fun updating are ebooks

  17. Me and my group has dieced that we would put half a pint