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On Friday we learned how to play cricket in P.E. You have fielders and batters you get the points so you can beat the opponents.
You get 1 point if you hit the ball and it goes on the light green and the fielders catch it.
You get 4 points if you hit the ball and it bounces and hits the barriers.
To get 6 points you have to get it over the barrier.
You have to stand with your feet sideways and the batsmen has to hold the bat on the floor.
The wickets are important because you can’t hit them or your out or the bowler hits them and knocks them over you are out.

What did you learn about bowling?


4 responses to “Bowling

  1. It was fun learning about bowling.

  2. Bowling was very easy because it looks like the bowlers were good at bowling.

  3. It was hard the catching the ball but well done

  4. I learned that the points were called runs.