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Jacob 100WC Wk 23

Once upon a time there was a young boy called Trevor he wanted to try pushing through the earth.One day he went to school and went on the playground.Trevor was getting called names.“ mom,mom,I’ve been name called”cried Trevor“…hm oh shut up”calmly said Trevor’s mom.The next day he went back to school again and got bullied.Back in class Trevor sat by the boy who kept bullying him.“Dad,dad,I’ve been bullied”screamed Trevor “who cares”grumbled Trevor’s dad.“I guess I’ll have to prove I can push through the earth.”so he did.


Miners memorial

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We designed a memorial seat out of clay for Hartshill park. Last year Mr Dabs asked us to design a prototype for a stone mason to carve it out. We made it in a cylinder and then we flattened another bit and … Continue reading

Louie 100WC wk23

Once upon a time there lived a boy called Charlie he loved to work down the mine because he loved pushing through the earth.The best thing is you could find gold. He screamed “gooooold.” The best thing is the lift. With people on it goes 15mph however without people on it goes 35mph. “If you don’t think that is fast what is fast?.” Charlie whispered.” He found gold.” Then he went home and said “I found gold.” His mum was proud of him he said ” I will go back.”so he was happy . He was proud. He loved it.

Charlie 100WC wk23

One stormy day a miner called Jim was a happy chap he was digging on his own first he found some coal there was dusty on it because it was in the . Next he found some gold which was the most sparkliest most shiny thing. But suddenly when Jim pulled it lava came out so Jim ran out and shouted” lava” and got on the elevate rand went up but the lava was pushing through the earth! Faster than a car going 100 mile an hour suddenly the lava came through the walls so he got some powerful steel and put it on the hole.

Jenna 100WC wk23

Once upon a time there lived a miner who was called Jimmy and he had a brother called John. Jimmy dug a hole in the ground and dug and dug until he went to the bottom of the ground because he wanted to go and find the gold. He went down to find it there and was still nothing was there so he dug, dug and dug and he whispered “finally I found the gold pushing through the earth.” Jimmy went up with the gold and then John saw the gold and John asked “what are you doing with that gold?”

The end

Callum 100WC week 23

Once upon a time pushing through the earth was a gold,sparkly mine. Millions of people worked there because they wanted to have coal for steam trains for people to travel to places.
One day someone supposed to dig for diamonds which was glowing pink,blue,yellow and was so amazing!then out of a sudden a diamond monster jumped out and chased him “aaahh!” He shouted. All the miners ran for their life. The monster, which was glistening, was amazing. Some men grabbed the diamond, which was glowing pink,blue,yellow and green, went back into the hole.

Where’s the fire?

This morning all of year 3/4 had a lesson on fire safety from the fire service. We learnt a lot of safety information and got to see a fire engine up close! What did you learn?