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Gas mask boxes

This afternoon we have been making our gas mask boxes, Reece was the first person to finish his and did so independently! What can you do independently?


Favourite simile

Rorrim Revlis - 55

In the Christmas play, Long John Silver asks if he was over doing the similes. What is a simile and which is your favourite of Long John’s?


Treasure of Rorrim Revlis

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Tonight is the final night of our amazing play The Treasure of Rorrim Revlis. Everyone has worked really hard to make our play the best yet and have learnt a huge amount. What is your favourite part of the play and why? What have you learnt from doing the play?

Digimap Christmas challenge


In class 6 we have been using the blog and learning more about digimap.For schools it was very fun we had to find words from a Christmas story and you had to find the word from the sheet and then grid reference prefix letters. You also had to find out if it was a school, a hill, a town or a lake. It was fun but it could be hard at times. Some of the words were groan,Christmas,nutcracker,map and father. What did you learn?

By Jack

Lucas 100WC

One day when I was in my comfy bed. I heard the air raid siren was louder then thunder.I jumped out of bed, grabbed my gas mask and rushed down the stairs and out the door straight into the air raid shelter and I prayed for hours. It was scary in the air raid shelter and I was so petrified I got behind my mum. Suddenly the noise stopped and I looked outside and there was no planes and I went back in side to my bed and closed my eyes sleep slowly and snored for 10 hours

Mason’s 100WC week 14

During World War Two (1939-1945) Adolf Hitler tried to invade Britain. The Germans made there new invention the v1 it was very powerful and it could blow a house to pieces. The v1 was called its name the doodle bug because of the noise it made. A spitfire could destroy a v1 by putting its wing on the v1 wing and it will fall in the deep dark blue sea and you will never see it again. when you where in the shelter you could hear it but when the noise suddenly stopped you would be scared because it has started to fall.

100 WC week 14

This week’s prompt is

…and then the noise stopped…

You have these 5 words plus your 100, which makes 105. Make sure you use your  best creative writing and apply all your new learning.