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Passing circles

On Friday we started learning how to handle and pass the rugby ball. You need to use your thumbs to make your hands into a ‘W’and make sure you look where you want the ball to go and swing your arms like a Grandfather clock! We had a race to see if we could pass the ball quicker than someone could crawl, hop, walk or run! Which direction do you pass the ball when playing rugby?


Lucas’ The boy who cried wolf

Once upon a time there lived a boy called tom. He lived in a small village but he spent his time looking after his eight sheep. It was so boring looking after his sheep so he decided to play a trick on the rest of the village. Tom shouted “WOLF! WOLF!” as loud as he could. All the people from the village came running with their pitchforks and spades. However, there was no wolf and Tom was laughing on the grass. The people went back to the village.

Tom decided to play the trick again on the village so he shouted “WOLF! WOLF!” All the village came running up the hill with their pitchforks and spades again yet there was no wolf and Tom was laughing again. The villagers went back to the village. Later, a wolf came out of the trees and chased the 8 sheep. Tom shouted “WOLF! WOLF!” but this time the people from the village didn’t come. Suddenly, the wolf caught one of the sheep and ran off so Tom shouted for help again. But this time they did come. Tom asked why the hadn’t come when he shouted the first time and they told him that it was because he lied twice before and nobody believes a liar.

Chloe’s Boy who cried wolf diary

March 31st 2013

Dear diary, it’s Luke here. Since I was a little boy everyone has called me the little boy, although I’m the biggest in my class. I plan to do the best April fools joke ever, I’m no little boy.

April 1 2013

Dear diary, they they fell for it! I ran to the top of the hill and shouted WOLF! WOLF! ha ha ha they all ran to me where is the wolf, Barry the bully was crying. Best joke ever.

April 2 2013

Dear diary, since it worked yesterday I did it again I went to the side of the hill where the sheep are and at the top of my voice, I shouted WOLF! nevertheless they came running. The Grumpy farmer Joe said “We won’t come running, you mustn’t tell fibs. Don’t let me catch you on my farm again!” How funny 🙂

April 3rd 2013

Dear diary, I was so scared. I real wolf took all the sheep! I tried to warn them all but nobody believed me. I was sitting on the farmer’s fence when I saw a huge black wolf! He looked right at me I was so scared, he was eating the sheep although nobody believed me!

April 4th 2013

Dear diary, since yesterday everyone is mad with me, although I told them I tried to warn them nevertheless I promised I will never lie again.


Isabella’s The boy who cried wolf

There was a boy who lived In a village, his job was a shepherd and to keep a look out for the wolf. One night the boy was bored so he began to do a trick on the people. The boy stood at the top of the hill and he shouted “WOLF! WOLF!”

The people were frightened so they ran up the hill to the boy. When they got to the top of the hill they saw the boy laughing at them. The people were very mad.

The next night the boy played the trick again, he shouted “WOLF! WOLF!” Again the people ran to the boys and again he laughed at them. The next night the boy was watching the sheep again. Then a real wolf came onto the hill, the boy shouted “WOLF! WOLF!” but this time the people did not come. The thought the boy was tricking them again. The boy was frightened and the wolf ran away with one of the sheep.

The moral of the story is don’t say things that are not true because people won’t believe you.

Reece’s fighter planes



I’ve been learning to sketch at home. These are my pictures of WW2 planes, there is a Messerschmitt and a Mustang. This afternoon I have painted a spitfire using watercolours. My favourite plane is the spitfire, what is yours?


WW2 watercolours

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This afternoon class 6 have been sketching WW2 planes and painting them with watercolours. We looked at some paintings by Geoffrey E Lea, which you can see if you click on the WW2 art link on the left. Which planes … Continue reading

WW2 artefacts

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This afternoon we have been looking at some real life WW2 artefacts. We looked at an Identity card and ration books and wrote some ebooks about them. What did you learn?