Blue Peter

On Saturday the 1st of April I sent a picture of a supermarine spitfire and on the 8 of April I just got back from school and my mom gave me a letter and I opened it and I saw a blue peter badge it was an amazing feeling getting a blue peter badge. On Thursday the 10th of April it was blue peter on TV – my picture was on blue peter. I went mad when it was shown on blue peter. You can see it on the iplayer.


Potato update




On April the 11th Halle Andrew and Jenna put some soil on top of the potatoes because you could see the shoots coming up out of the soil. We gave the shoots some water after we put the soil on. We had two go down to the infants to get two gigantic water buckets and one small bucket.


Seed planting

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This morning class 6 have been busy planting seeds. We chose to grow courgettes (zucchini). How many courgette plants do you think will grow?





Designing our ideal playground

All the school decided we would like to be able to climb at break time. We got some paper and drew pictures with what the playground is like before the climbing frame plus after the climbing frame was built. We … Continue reading


Jenna’s Parliament recount

Jenna parliamentOn the 31st of March class 6 and 7 went to Westminster to see Houses of Parliament because we did some history about it.

Before we went we had to line up with our buddies. We went to London and saw Elizabeth tower, the bell was Big Ben and the clock was called Elizabeth tower . The Elizabeths tower,which is a clock, made a loud noise.

When we arrived we saw the Parliament Square with the clock tower and it was huge. It was taller then me. I thought Big Ben was the tower but the bell was. Big Ben  was called the Elizabeth tower. fact: is about Elizabeth’s tower the Elizabeth tower is the clock tower not the bell because that is the Big Ben.

After that we went to the Portcullis House and we sat on some chairs and we saw how does our voice make a difference. A man came in and his name was called David Wright and he was a mp. David Wright told us about what he does at London he used to go to school like when he was our age. We asked him questions about him .

Furthermore I wanted to go in the oldest and coldest part of the Palace of Westminster, called Westminster Hall. The House of Commons got blown up and the people had to build it again.

My best thing was going to see the Elizabeth’s tower because it was gold and shiny.


Look at our potatoes!

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On Friday some leaders from Year 3/4 planted our potatoes, which have been chitting. Firstly we put the stickers on the front. Then we filled the two bags with lots of soil. Furthermore we made a hole in the soil … Continue reading


Halle’s Parliament recount

20140331-152701.jpgWe went to London on Monday 31st of March class6/7 went we look at the statues because we wanted to learn about houses of a parliament .

On the coach we were looking for things about London. In parliament square we saw Big Ben but it is not called Big Ben the bell is called Big Ben and the tower is called Elizabeth tower .

We went to see the Houses of Parliament we saw the London eye and statues of Nelson Mandela and Winston Churchill. We also saw Central lobby and also it had a big chandelier. We went to Westminster hall, which is the oldest and coldest part of Houses of Parliament, and was built in 1099 after we went in to the Central lobby.

We went into portcullis house. We played a game of your voice and we met a man called David wright. He is the mp for Telford. The schools he went to is called Saint George’s and Wombridge and Wrockwardine wood.

After we had pictures taken in front of Westminster palace it looked liked a church. I liked the most was when we went In to the houses of a parliament was when we are pictures taken in front of the Westminster palace.

I thought about it I was wondering if it might be more impressive and more outstanding and more good and more exciting.